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How to Avoid Vomiting While Travelling in Car

How to Avoid Vomiting While Travelling in Car

One in three people vomits while travelling in a car. Many people have associated vomiting in a car with a health condition. But is it a health condition?

Vomiting in the vehicle can make the journey unpleasant. And today, this article will share tips on how to avoid vomiting while travelling in car.

Vomiting in a car is also known as motion sickness or car sickness. This condition is natural, although some people don’t experience it.

Research shows that women and children aged 2 to 12 years are at higher risk of experiencing motion sickness. However, it can affect anyone, including men.

What Causes Motion Sickness?

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If you’ve been figuring out the reason for vomiting during travelling, I’ll give you an answer based on scientific research.

The human brain relies on three body parts to sense movements. Once the brain concludes the person is in motion, it activates some mechanism to maintain balance.

With the help of nerves, the brain receives the first signal from the eyes. When in movements, the eyes send images to the brain for interpretation.

The second part is the inner ear. The inner ear has fluid-filled tubes that make movements when in motion.

In the process, the ear nerve senses these movements and sends the information to the brain for interpretation.

Third, the brain uses muscles and joints. When these parts make movements, the nerves send the third signal to alert the organ that you’re in motion.

Motion sickness happens when the three signals from these body parts fail to match. For instance, the brain is conditioned to interpret that you’re relaxed when you’re reading.

However, the ears and muscles vibrate since the vehicle is in motion. For this reason, the brain gets confused, and motion sickness happens. Other than vomiting, you experience these symptoms;

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Nausea

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Ways How to Avoid Vomiting While Travelling in Car

Since motion sickness is natural, you need to learn tips to cope with it. After all, we must travel and have fun. Below are tips to prevent motion sickness;

1. Choose the Right Seat

You may be asking why do I get car sick in the backseat. Choosing the front passenger seat can save you from vomiting throughout the journey.

The front part of the vehicle has minimal vibrations compared to the rear part. Minimizing the vibrations will make the brain more convinced that you’re at rest.

2. Proper Ventilation

Ensure the vehicle is well ventilated; roll down the windows to allow a little air in. However, don’t allow much wind to blow inside. It may cause discomfort or breathing complications.

On the other hand, avoid people who smoke in the car. Nicotine in cigarettes may trigger motion sickness.

Moreover, avoid strong car air fresheners because they, too, can trigger motion sickness. Ensure you only receive fresh air from outside.

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3. Don’t Read in the Car

When you read, your eyes will be focused on the reading material. Naturally, the brain is conditioned to conclude if the eyes are fixed on one image, you’re relaxed. But the joints, muscles, and ear nerves will send different information.

Stay focused by looking through the windshield or outside, especially when the car is on a rough road.

4. Avoid Heavy Meals

The brain controls the gut. The digestive system will also be affected once the brain is not normally working, resulting in vomiting. The worst can happen if you’ve taken a heavy meal.

5. Avoid Greasy and Spicy Foods

Foods with too much oil, like fried potato chips, can cause vomiting even without travelling in a car. If you regularly experience motion sickness, avoid greasy and spicy foods. Instead, you can take dry crackers or pepper biscuits.

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6. Take a Nap

If you feel some symptoms of vomiting from far, take a nap while listening to soft music. By closing your eyes, you’ll convince your brain you’re relaxed instead of receiving many visual images. And within a few minutes, you’ll feel calm.

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7. Use Medication

Before trying any medication, consult a certified clinical officer. With that said, the medicine is used two hours before starting the journey. The travel vomiting medicine name is an antihistamine, dimenhydrinate, or diphenhydramine.

8. Stay Hydrated

By taking water, you stay hydrated. A hydrated body is less prone to nausea and headache. Start by sipping plain water once you feel the vomiting symptoms. Note too much water will worsen the situation.

What to Eat to Stop Vomiting While Travelling?

Here are some foods you can take to curb motion sickness;

  • Ginger

Ginger can ease stomach irritation and instantly bring relief. You can carry hot water in a flask while travelling. Once you feel like vomiting, add a teaspoon of ginger tea, candy, or a crashed ginger to the water and drink. In a few minutes, you’ll feel relieved.

  • Peppermint

Peppermint has been used traditionally to treat motion sickness. It deals with indigestion and irritable bowel conditions. You can have peppermint in the form of oil or tea.

  • Crackers

Crackers are high in starch, and they can help settle stomach discomforts. You can take crackers with some plain cold water for better results.

  • Cardamom Seeds

Once the motion sickness symptoms kick in, chew at least two cardamom seeds to soothe the vomiting feeling.

FAQs on Vomiting while Travelling

Why You Feel Better After Vomiting?

It’s a process that requires a detailed explanation to understand why you feel better afterward. The brain gives you the sickness to warn you that something is not right. It’s a preparation that something is about to happen. Secondly, the salivary glands release more saliva to protect your teeth from stomach acids. The third process releases some hormones that make the body feel better after you vomit.

Can I Brush My Teeth After Throwing Up?

It’s not advisable to brush your teeth immediately after throwing up. When you vomit, stomach acids come into contact with your teeth. If you rush to brush your teeth, you rub the acids against the outer shells and damage them. It’s better to wait for the saliva to neutralize the acid.

The above tips will help you avoid vomiting while travelling in car. Practice each and make your journey enjoyable. 

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