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How to Fix a Broken Glove Box Hinge

How to Fix a Broken Glove Box Hinge

Many a time, you may be thinking of how you would store your valuable documents after the glove box hinge broke, making it unusable.

To help you, I have tips on how to fix a broken glove box hinge in your car to maintain the security of your documents.

A glove box or a glove compartment is located on the car’s dashboard beside the centre console. It’s where you can secure your valuable paperwork by locking them for security and confidentiality.

Image: Car Dashboard

In another case, you may be traveling with kids, and you wouldn’t want them to tamper with your paperwork.

Regardless of kids’ nature of curiosity to peruse every booklet or paper they find inside the car, keeping them inside a glove box is secure.

Unfortunately, most of the glove compartments are made of plastics, and so are their lid hinges. For this reason, these hinges are prone to breaking even on normal occasions when you are storing your papers.

The glove box lids are made with a damper that lowers it gently when opened. A plastic handle is connected to a latch on the lid that pulls back when the handle is raised to open. 

Various Ways How to Fix a Broken Glove Box Hinge

Image: Car Dashboard

Below, I’ll show you simple methods you would fix your broken glove compartment lid hinges and maintain the security of your valuable items. Follow up;

1. Using a Glove Box Hinge Repair Kit

A hinge allows the glove box lid to swing open or close. It attaches the lid to the glove box. The repair kit contains the brackets and the screws you would use to fix the lid.

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To fix the hinge, use a screwdriver to drive out the screws and remove the glove box from the dashboard. Once you have placed the box on a working space with enough light, follow the following procedure;

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Step 1: Carefully remove the old pins that attach the lid to the glove box. Keeps the pins safe, for you’ll need them to fix the lid later.

Step 2: Lift the box and carefully pick the pieces of the hinges that are broken.

Step 3: Use plastic glue to attach the hinges back to the lid. They will guide you when locating the actual area to attach the brackets.

Step 4: Once the glue has firmly held the hinges, drill four pilot holes against the hinge and the lid and screw into the hinge to attach the brackets.

Step 5: Fix the lid into the glove box and fit the pins through the existing pin holes by tapping them with a small hammer.

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Step 6: Fix the glove box to the dashboard and confirm the lid opens and closes smoothly.

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Image: Car Dashboard

2. Using a Plastic Glue

You may use plastic glue when the plastic mounting tabs are broken. In some glove compartment lids, you’ll find some mounting tabs with a thin metallic rod closing to attach to both the box walls. It works as a single hinge.

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To fix this, you can follow this procedure;

Step 1: Using the screwdriver, drive out the screws attaching the glove compartment box to the dashboard and remove it.

Step 2: Clean the broken surfaces of the plastic tabs using sandpaper for the glue to firmly attach.

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Step 3: Attach the broken parts and allow the glue to stick on both firmly.

Step 4: Fix the glove box lid in line with the mounting tabs and insert the metallic rod to connect the lid with the glove box.

Step 5: Fix the whole glove compartment box to its position and test if the lid closes and opens with ease.

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Image: Car Dashboard

What of a Homemade Hinge?

You can make a simple hinge by shaping a small metal to fit and hold the glove box wall and its lid.

Step 1: Remove the glove box from the dashboard.

Step 2: Remove the broken hinges by separating the lid from the box.

Step 3: Fix the lid to the box and mark the appropriate spots you would drill. Ensure you appropriately locate the lid holes with the plastic box wall holes.

Step 4: Straighten a small metal rod to pass through the holes from one end to the other. You can cut off any extra piece of metal extending to the outer part to fit the length of the glove box. This is for easy installation on the dashboard.

Step 5: Install the glove compartment and test if the lid closes and opens smoothly.

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Image: Car Dashboard

Measures to Protect Your Car Glove Box Hinges From Breaking

Since the glove box hinges are fragile, you can carry out some measures to avoid breakage;

  • Ensure the lid hamper is well lubricated. If the hamper doesn’t expand or contract easily, it may lead to straining of the hinges.
  • Ensure your items properly fit into the glove box. If the items press the lid outward after closing, they may strain the hinges, weakening them.
  • Ensure the paper edges don’t protrude outside the lid lining when closed. They push the lid and bring extra force on the hinges.

Why do they call it a Glove Box?

In modern cars, this compartment was used to store driving gloves. Driving gloves were essential for drivers to keep their hands warm and dry because early cars were completely open, hence the glove box or glove compartment.

How Hot Does Glove Compartment Get?

A glove box can get to 50 degrees or higher temperatures during hot seasons since it’s enclosed. For this reason, it’s not advisable to keep things like medicine inside because they may lose potency.

Medicines in cars should be stored in an insulated container and placed on the floor to protect them from direct sunlight or high temperatures.

Can I Have a Loaded Gun in My Glove Box?

Depending on the state you are driving, it may be legally allowed or not. However, carrying a gun in the glove box is concealed carry.

Fixing a broken glove box hinge is a simple task that doesn’t require a specialist. But if the parts are damaged beyond repair, you’ll need to purchase a new one and have it installed for the safety of your valuable documents. 

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