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How to Keep Birds from Pooping on Car

How to Keep Birds from Pooping on Car

As a car owner, you must have experienced a bit of headache due to these feathered creatures. And for this reason, you may be figuring out ways how to keep birds from pooping on car. This article will discuss and solve your problem.

Every time you’re ready to leave daily, you find your sparkling machine painted with the white stuff. You spend the next twenty minutes cleaning your car.

If you live near a lake, a beach, or a river, you won’t evade this. You just have to find ways to cope with your feathered friends. They, too, love these cool areas.

Let’s face it; driving a car painted all over with bird droppings isn’t comfortable. Especially when attending official meetings or meeting some important friends.

You just park the car only to notice it has earned everyone’s attention. Not because of its sparkling finish, but the bird’s poop. It isn’t fun.

How Bird’s Poop Affects Your Car

Birds’ droppings would give a car a very ugly look, especially if you left early in the morning for work without keenly inspecting the car exterior.

 Secondly, bird poop has some white stuff that contains uric acid. The poop’s acidity is nearly 3.5 to 4.5, indicating it’s a strong acid.

When it gets hot, a car’s surface, including the finish, expands. After expanding during a hot day, it develops spaces that allow the uric acid to seep in and settle under the coating.

However, when the coating contracts during the night, the uric acid reacts with the metallic surface. And within a few days, the paint job is destroyed.

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Reasons Birds Love Hanging Around and Pooping on Cars

You may have wondered whether your car is cursed that birds arrive immediately after parking. The answer may be yes; they love your car. To understand better, read the following studies;

According to a British auto shop survey, some cars are more likely to attract birds than others. After numerous surveys, the study revealed that red cars are more prone to birds.

Observation revealed that birds are more attracted to red colour, and that may be the reason they always mess up your car’s exterior.

The second study was done by a UK-based car accessories dealer, Halfords.

After picking 1140 cars from various cities, he observed and noted crimson painted cars were more stuffed with birds poop. Surprisingly, cars with some other colours like green were least stained.

Additionally, observations reveal that birds are more attracted to car side mirrors, a shining finish, and tinted windows.

Due to mirror and window reflections, birds may hang around pecking on the images. Their reflections trick them; they are intruder birds attacking them.

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Various Ways How to Keep Birds from Pooping on Car

1. A Car Cover

Birds aren’t attracted to car covers. By covering your entire car, you will have hidden the side mirrors and the tinted windows that bring the attraction.

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Luckily, if birds poop on a car cover, it’s more secure than pooping on the car finish. All you have to do is clean the cover and your car remains protected.

Another advantage of a car cover is protecting your car from snow during winter.

2. Have a car Garage

If covering your car every time you park from work is tiresome, you can set up a garage. A garage has an added advantage because you’ll lock your car and protect it from birds, snow, thieves, and dust.

3. Use Decoys

Using decoys of the most feared birds’ predators may drive them away from your car. For instance, owls and snakes are among the predators that the birds fear.

For this reason, having an owl decoy or a plastic snake decoy will scare away birds.

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After parking your car, it’s just simple: place one of the decoys on the roof and leave. Your car is safe.

4. Old Compact Discs (CDs)

Surprisingly, old CDs can protect your car from birds. After parking your car, hang several CDs on the areas surrounding the car with the reflective surfaces facing out. The reflections are believed to scare away birds.

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5. Avoid Parking on Places that Birds Hang Out

There are places that birds easily hang out. You should avoid parking near these areas. Examples are;

  • Posts- they may be electric or lamp posts
  • Dumping areas- parking around any dumpster is like begging birds to poop on your car.
  • Electric or telephone wires
  • Near the trees- mostly when birds have built nests on a tree.
  • Near the building edges

Mostly when birds hang out in a certain area, they poop every few minutes. The same applies to when they are ready to fly away; they will first drop their waste. Avoiding these areas will save you car cleaning time and repainting costs.

How long does it take for Bird Poop to Stain the Car?

If a bird drops its poop on the car surface, it takes approximately 48 hours for the uric acid to seep under the coat and start reacting. However, the duration may vary depending on the temperatures.

It seeps faster when it’s hot due to the expansion of the car finish.

Unfortunately, if the bird had swallowed some sad grains when mixed with uric acid in the poop can cause tiny scratched on the paint.

How Do I Get Bird Stain Poop off my Car?

To clean the birds’ poop stains from your car paint, use the following procedure;


  •  Baking soda
  • A Spray bottle
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Hot water

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Step 1: Add three teaspoons of baking soda and three drops of dishwashing soap into the spray bottle and fill it with hot water.

Step 2: Shake until the baking soda and soap dissolve.

Step 3: Spray on the stained area and give it a few minutes for stains to loosen.

Step 4: Rinse with a hosepipe and check if your car paint is restored.

Note, rubbing the baking soda against the finish may leave tiny scratches. 

Does Car Wax Protect Against Bird Poop?

Once the car wax is sprayed, it creates an overcoat on the car paint to protect the bird poop from seeping in. For this reason, it can be used to protect the car against bird poop damages but will not keep birds from pooping on car

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