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How to Prevent Water Spots after Car Wash

Your thought of how to prevent water spots after car wash can seem easy. But again, watermarks can end up ruining all your efforts after the vehicle’s surface dries.

Water spots after car wash can make you think the paint is worn out or the surface is still dirty. They can damage the paintwork, thanks to molecular minerals and infinitesimal trash.

The nuisance spots are avoidable despite their toughness. Put on your resonance hat to learn tweaks you can use to prevent water spots after a car wash.

How to Prevent Water Spots after Car Wash

how to remove water spots after washing car
Car washing

1. Wash with car soap

The type of soap you use to wash your car can contribute to the water spots problem leverage car shampoo instead of regular detergents. Also, ensure you have two buckets with water, one for washing and the other for rinsing.

Flush out the dirt before applying soap to prevent spots from forming. Use a sponge or microfiber towel for the car to rub the surface, not a brush. Achieving this will prevent swirls.

2. Leverage distilled water

Cleaning a car with distilled water can be expensive, but it prevents water residues from drying on the paint.

Hard water has a large amount of calcium and magnesium. It also has a high number of minerals, which remain on the surface of a car after drying.

Soft water has higher amounts of sodium. More so, if you wash your car on a sunny day, beads can dry into water spots before or after you wipe the car’s surface.

It is wise to use distilled water to avoid minerals and residues. You can install a home filtration system to filter car wash water. Doing so will reduce spots and enhance the surface shine.

what causes water spots after washing car
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3. Avoid washing under the sun

Of course, washing your car under the midday sun is enjoyable, but the effects can be unpleasant. The sunlight will heat the paintwork, enhancing the frequency of water spots and streaks.

Wash the car in cooler surroundings, like underneath a tree. This will prevent heat and sunlight interference when drying or waxing.

4. Use free-flowing water to rinse

A jet hose car washer is tempting to clean or rinse a car. It does the work faster and with less effort. You can use a pressure washer to remove tough mud. But again, allow water to flow freely through the nozzle when rinsing to give the car a better after-wash look. Prepare for the exercise by ensuring you have enough water and wiping cloths.

5. Dry the car quickly without touching

You may think that letting your car dry under the sun is a wise idea, but it is not. If you clean the car with distilled water, ensure you dry the surface as thoroughly as possible.

Go over every nook and cranny, leaving not a single bead behind. This will prevent big droplets and evaporation that leave hard marks and flaws.

6. Use microfiber cloths or mitts to wipe

Lint deposits are a top cause of water spots on cars. The deposits promote streaking, concentrating moisture in paintwork and creating round spots after drying.

An excellent way to wipe the car with a microfiber towel and get rid of water spots is to keep it moist. You can use a spray bottle to keep the car surface wet as you dry.

The cloth and wetness will eliminate potential lint deposits, unlike hand towels. Be sure to dip the microfiber cloth in clean water to force dirt out of the fibers after every wipe.

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7. Get a coating that sheds beads

Coating the car surface gets rid of water spots and protects the paint. Coatings like nano-resin create a hydrophobic topcoat, preventing beads from accumulating.

You can use a wax spray like dual polymer waterless formula to detail the paintwork after cleaning. The good news is that it will also protect the surface without worrying about buffing. Meguiar’s water spot remover is another excellent and safe detailer you can use to remove spots, scratches, and swirls.

After applying the water spot remover, let it sit for a while before wiping it off with a microfiber cloth. All said and done, no coating will stop water spots from resting on the car’s finish completely, but they can prevent static beads to a great extent.

8. Keep the car away from rain and sprinkler water spots

Rain and sprinkler droplets are often inevitable, but you can prevent them. The simplest way to avoid them is to use a waterproof cover after parking.

If you don’t have a car cover, you can apply a water-shedding ceramic coating like vinyl coating. It will prevent water from leaving marks, upholding the paintwork gleam.

As for the case of rainwater, it doesn’t leave marks unless your paintwork is shading or hazier. Acidic rainwater can be troublesome when minerals cause blemishes. It can scratch the paint after drying.

Does the color of a car contribute to water spot problems?

Dark-colored vehicles get hotter faster and can easily form water spots after washing. Consider going for lighter-colored cars or doing the cleaning under a shade.

How do you prevent water drops on the windscreen?

You can use Diamond Blue windshield treatment to prevent beads and runoff water from drying on the glass.

Does sealant prevent water spots?

Sealants only offer water-repelling properties above your car’s paint. Ensure you dry the surface thoroughly to keep off spots.

How do you prevent acidic rain from damaging your car?

The handiest way is to wash the vehicle immediately after the rain to flush out contaminants from the air.

How can you remove water spots that won’t come off?

Mix water and regular white vinegar, then rub the spots gently until they disappear.

Before a car wash and doing it right, learning how to prevent water spots will go a long way to avoid permanent stains and etch on the paintwork. Pour over the vehicle often and wipe water spots and insect stains if present.

Overlooking this can push you to shave off and re-apply the clear coat. Remember, maintaining your car paintwork is cheaper than re-painting.

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