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How to Unlock Thule Roof Rack Without key

How to Unlock Thule Roof Rack Without key

Most Thule recreation products come with integrated locks. Usually, they are removable lock cylinders. As such, you unlock them by inserting the key and removing the whole cylinder.

Unfortunately, you may have difficulty removing your items from the roof if you misplace the key. To help you, this article will share tips on how to unlock Thule roof rack without key.

However, unlocking Thule roof rack without key is a bit risky because you may damage the plastic edges that hold the removable lock cylinder.

So, how should you carry out the process? Ideally, you can do it like a pro if you have a power drill. But you will have to replace the lock since it won’t be functional anymore.

Thankfully, the power drill unlocking method doesn’t damage the crossbars. So, you don’t have to purchase the whole roof rack, which is more expensive than replacing a lock cylinder.

With that said, read on to learn how to unlock Thule roof rack without key.

Detailed Explanation of How Thule Roof Racks Work

Thule roof rack

Thule produces the most popular and unique brands of roof bars used in modern cars. They are both designed for hauling cargo and aesthetic purposes.

Nevertheless, Thule roof racks are made for adventurous drivers. Their looks are amazing, especially on high-performance cars.

Like other brands, Thule roof bars are secured on the rooftop. And you can carry various items like;

  • Bicycles
  • Skis and snowboards
  • Canoes
  • Tents
  • Car covers, etc

Needless to say, you may rarely experience Thule lock problems. Most cases reported are about key misplacements.

Thankfully if you visit any Thule dealer after losing your key, you can get a master key to unlock your roof bar. Afterward, you can order another key from Thule if you send them the key number.

How to find Thule key number is simple. You read the code around the cylinder and send them for replacement. Soon, you will receive your duplicate key.  

However, if you face an emergency, below is an explanation of opening Thule without a key.

How to Unlock Thule Roof Rack Without key

Once you have lost the keys to your Thule roof bars, there is little you can do rather than drill the lock.

Let’s dive in and learn how to carry out the procedure;

Step 1: Assemble your equipment.

You need a power driller and Thule barrels for replacement. Note that once you drill the cylinder, it cannot be functional anymore.

Greenworks 24V cordless drill will get the job done. It’s packed with all the necessary metal bits to match the lock cylinder size.

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Secondly, you need lock barrels and keys because you would want to replace the lock for security.

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Step 2: Properly set the drill on the lock barrel

Set the drill at the central part of the lock barrel. In simple, direct it to the key slot.

Note that when the bar is locked, the slot is vertical. So, it will be easier for you at this point to direct the drill at the center.

Ideally, use a ladder or a small stool if the bars are higher than your hand can comfortably work on them.  

Step 3: Drill Straight

Drill the lock barrel by moving the power driller straight and carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding plastic edges.

Whenever you mess with the edges, you risk purchasing new roof bars.

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Step 4: Unlock and remove the cylinder

Once the drill has reached the end, remove it and insert a screwdriver to tamper with the lock.

Then, remove the cylinder and ply out the end cap if you plan to remove the whole roof rack.

On the other hand, if you lost the keys to your upper lockable bar for your skis, the procedure is the same as unlocking the whole roof rack from the rails.

Step 5: Install the new lock

Open the new locks and install them according to the user manual. Test your locks to confirm they are effective as the previous ones.

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How Should I Choose My Thule Roof Bars?

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing your Thule roof racks. The main factor is the type of your car’s roof.

  • Rooftops with raised side rails

Raised side rails are compatible with a wider variety of roof bars. They have spaces between their feet hence becoming easier to install various roof racks.

  • Rooftop with rails sitting on their surface

They require more specialized equipment because there are no gaps to allow easy mounting of the bars.

Aeroblade edges are very compatible with these rails. However, if you find trouble dealing with them, you can swap your roof with raised rails.

On the other hand, some products may have a complete set of items you need for installation. But for others, you may have to purchase some items separately.

Where to Purchase Thule Products

You can order Thule products directly on Thule or visit the nearest Thule dealers. To find dealers, use Thule dealer locator.

Luckily, most dealers have social media platforms you can use to order the products.

Also, websites like have amazing Thule products, and their shipping services are excellent.

FAQs on Thule Roof Rack

What If I Lost My Thule Key?

 If you lost your Thule key, you can visit Thule dealers and get a master key to open it. The other option is reading the key number and ordering another key directly from Thule.

Can You Get Thule Keys Cut?

You might face problems if you try to cut generic Thule keys. The best step is to order keys directly from Thule at a small cost, and you will be safe.

How Do I Remove a Thule Roof Rack Lock?

Unlock the mechanism with a locking key by inserting it into the slot. Then, make a counterclockwise turn, and the mechanism will unlock.

However, for emergency purposes, embrace Thule lock cylinder drilling tips. Once you master the procedure, unlocking Thule roof rack without a key becomes easier.

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